Aes: Brass Revolution is an innovative new steampunk tabletop RPG. Mad science, astounding feats, and death defying adventure await intrepid explorers. It’s a land forged by your imagination – make your world!

Here are some great Aes downloads!

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide has everything you need to try Aes before you buy. The set includes:

  1. Quick Start Guide with abridged rule set.
  2. Born By A Baihu quick encounter.
  3. Six premade character sheets.
  4. A blank editable character sheet.
  5. Four digital wallpapers!

This early access version (v10A) is being made available for public testing. Want to get your hands on the Aes Quick Start Guide? Download it now for FREE! Can’t get much better than that.


Every wallpaper comes in 1366×768, 1680×1050, 1920×1080, and 4096×2160! These wallpapers are also in the Quick Start Guide above.

Airship Zhuge

A Touzulei Walks Into a Bar

In the Junkyard

Carnivorous Plant