Aes on Texas Steampunk Connection!

Aes: Brass Revolution was fortunate enough to be featured on an episode of Texas Steampunk Connection! You can hear one of our developers discuss our motivations, themes, and general thoughts when designing Aes.

You can find the episode here.


Podcast Guest Appearance

One of Aes’s developers was a guest on the W.I.P Podcast last week! He got to talk about the game for a good 20-30 minutes, including the mechanics, themes, races, and lore. For folks wondering about where the game might go, it’s a pretty nice preview. (We do promise that the core book and most expansion material will be family friendly.)

As a result, plans are underway for Aes to appear at RealmsCon in October and hopefully with a recorded play session starring the W.I.P podcast team!

Check out the recording below! (NSFW due to language.)