Welcome to Aes: Brass Revolution! This is a game that encourages you to make your own world and forge it into the form you desire. Discovery and growth are the keys to success as you earn, envision, and explore.

Aes is a table-top role-playing game. That means it’s intended to be played in person, with a group of friends, using pencil, paper, and dice. Each person takes the role of explorers, except for one, who acts as the game’s Invisible Hand. The game is centered on the explorers – their desires and personal motivations supply the Invisible Hand with the material for creating the obstacles and pathways for growth that will, in the end, make a great experience.

Unlike many games, the main means of conflict resolution in Aes is not combat. Fighting when you need to can happen – there are always violent criminals – but there are many alternative options players have at their disposal. It is always better to turn an enemy into an ally and gain their resources than to kill them outright and create a host of new enemies.

Aes: Brass Revolution is currently in alpha testing (not even beta yet). For more information, check out the Facebook page to the right, follow us on Twitter (@aesbrass), or send us an email with any questions: aesbrassNOSPAM@gmail.com.

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