April and May Events – Fundraisers!

April and May return Aes: Brass Revolution to activity, ending our 2 month break.


From April 22-24, we’ll be at HavenCon! We’re helping to run Tabletop (and we’ve pitched in with scheduling). Aes: Brass Revolution sessions will be happening all weekend. It’s version 8’s big premiere!

The big centerpiece? A fundraiser for TransLifeLine! Taking place Saturday, April 23rd at 7 PM, the event will be something new: an audience driven RPG session. We’ve expanded beyond the $1 re-rolls used for Extra Life and introduced a means for the audience to influence the world the players inhabit. We’re hoping we can add to the money HavenCon has already raised for TLL. Players include DJ Sephi Hakubi, RainFay (head of Ooples’ Anime Club), and EB Roxas (Austin indie game developer).

Speaking of Extra Life, we’ve formed Team HavenCon! This will be the second year HavenCon has sponsored a team for Game Day. We’ll post more about it later, but it’s on November 5th and we have two stores on board: Ooples Anime and Wonko’s Toys and Games! We’ll be promoting the team at HavenCon by routing people to the Extra Life booth and getting them to sign up.

International Tabletop Day

The week after HavenCon, we’ll be at Ooples Anime in Austin for International Tabletop Day! It’s Saturday, April 30th from noon to midnight with tons of games.

What sets the Ooples event apart from the others? We’ll be fundraising for the Innocence Project of Texas (IPTX). This is an incredibly important organization. With baseless accusations, false arrests, and wrongful convictions on the rise, IPTX stands for people the system has tried to destroy to offer them hope. The executive director and deputy director will both be there to collect donations and join in, making it a great chance to meet people who work for justice and liberty everyday.

We’ll also have a presence in San Antonio. Through GamExpo, we’ll be sending materials for them to distribute to participants at their event. It’s always great to support gaming cons.


Lastly, we have another con! May 13-15 in Round Rock, ChupacabraCon is a great local gaming con. We’ll be running 4 sessions of Aes there: 1 on Friday, 2 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday. This will be a great weekend where we get to hang out with other game developers. The feedback we’ll receive should go a long way toward version 9.

After this, our next con isn’t until July. We’ll be using the time to get version 9 together, as well as finish the first iteration of the Expanse for testers. Anime Austin, ArmadilloCon, Anime Overload, San Japan, and RealmsCon are the current cons on the list.

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