Version 7.5 “Hybrid Hand” – By the Numbers

Aes Version 7.5, “Hybrid Hand,”has been out for a while now. While 7.0 was a huge leap forward for content, 7.5 was a more incremental step.

  • Pages: 332
  • Testing sessions: 4

It has the same number of mods and faculties as version 7. Instead, the page count comes from two main additions: rules for hybrids and additional content for Invisible Hands.

Hybrids are what we call mixed race builds in Aes. Instead of limiting what can and cannot interbreed, we allow players to determine what they want to be a mix of.This allows the 7 main kindred to become building blocks for new mixtures and greatly expands who an explorer can be. We go from having just the main seven to some 28 new combinations – and even more as the different hybrids can have different characteristics.

To help players, we’ve identified several of the most common hybrids and given them their own names. In expansion material, we’ll be giving these named hybrids their own unique adaptations and traits, to help flesh them out beyond just pastiches of their parents. The lore behind the different hybrids offers a glimpse into the inter-species dynamics of Aes and we’ll be keeping them in mind as we flesh out more of the world setting.

Mixed races and interracial relationships tie into an important undercurrent in the 1800’s, when many of them were criminalized. In Aes, social stigmas are indeed attached to hybrids, as many find themselves as outcasts from both sides. At the same time, their parents rebelled against societal standards to have them, making hybrids the offspring of punk in a literal sense.

On the Invisible Hand front, we’ve been making progress toward our goal of making it possible for more people to run Aes. For version 7.5, we added several key GM sections, such as plot hooks, story spoilers, and themes in Aes. These go toward helping new GM’s figure out adventures to run. We also expanded on material to help Invisible Hand’s interpret results and challenge players outside of combat.

All of the material added in version 7.5 is expected to remain or version 8. Version 8 will see material moved from the core book into the Expanse, which should cause a net decrease in page count. We’ve already been identifying faculties and mods to shift and have moved over several large items. Version 8 is planned for a release in time for HavenCon in April.

Spring and Summer Conventions

We’re making plans for our next round of cons to feature Aes. Here are what we have so far:

When: April 22 – 24, 2016
Where: Austin, TX

We’ll be running the tabletop room for HavenCon! There will be several RPG’s there, but Aes will be run the entire weekend. There’s even a special event planned for Saturday evening – more on that later.

When: May 13 – 15, 2016
Where: Austin, TX

This one is tentative until we get final confirmation on the game times, but we’ve submitted four games to run during the con. Hopefully we get to do some of them.

When: June 17 – 19, 2016
Where: Houston, TX

We’ve been invited to participate in the Indie Game Alley at Comicpalooza this year. We’re still debating if we can afford it, but if so, we will attend.

Anime Austin
When: July 15 – 17, 2016
Where: Austin, TX

We’ve been invited by the owner to participate in the tabletop room and demo Aes. We will likely be attending and submitting panels.

When: July 29 – 31, 2016
Where: Austin, TX

Game submissions aren’t up yet, but when they are we’ll be submitting to attend this SF and gaming con.

Anime Overload
When: August 5 – 7, 2016
Where: Austin, TX

Tabletop isn’t very large at AO, but we’ll likely submit some panels.