Realms Con Report!

Realms Con was amazing! For the photos, check out the Facebook gallery.

We ran three games at RealmsCon: 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. We were fortunate – there was another RPG there that tried to run games but couldn’t find players. We managed to get full tables of 6-9 players each time.

The first game had explorers protecting a tishli from being kidnapped by slavers from Zahnrad in the Aeneam town of Coithwaite. Unlike the first time this adventure was run, the explorers managed to avoid burning down the building.This plot was continued on Sunday in the third game, who decided to head to Luxoglen to steal a boat. They then ran into the head of one of Aeneam’s main criminal organizations – La Marabunta – and barely managed to escape with their lives. One of the cool “to be added later” items highlighted were tattoos that acted as responsive armor, their images changing in response to attacks to boost defenses.

The second game (which the WIP Podcast, USS Joan of Arc, and Steam Engine Intrepid participated in) had explorers in the Aeneam city of Kwiv. They were supposed to stop two pirate factions, lead by Jadescale and Dahlia, from fighting and destroying the place. Instead, there was a 2 hour battle over lawn gnomes and a final battle involving 3-on-1 PVP. Hilarious all the way through. One player gave a speech that I wish I had recorded, an appeal to Jadescale that successfully convinced him to allow some of the explorers on his pirate crew.

One change to come from the experience were tweaks to character creation. We had blocks of text in the kindred that we’ve separated out under new headers. This will make it easier for players to find basic info such as speed. We also typed up a clearer explanation of ideals, faculties, and mods. This will hopefully make testing at GamExpo run even smoother.

In addition to the games, we also donated several art prints and bookmarks to the con for prizes and hand outs. This earned Aes a shout out at the closing ceremony!

Kudos to the following groups who helped make Realms Con awesome for Aes: Dark Tide Comics, WIP Podcast, Steam Engine Intrepid, USS Joan of Arc, Gold Coast, Master Bones Jangle, Airship Nikolai, Ramen Pride, Art Blocked Creations, and Rod Thornton!

We’ve been invited back to Realms Con next year to help run the table-top room and coordinate games. We’ll post more info later!

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