GamExpo 2015

Aes: Brass Revolution is headed to GamExpo this weekend! Here’s a list of specific game times:

Friday (10/9):

8 PM – Midnight – Open Play

Saturday (10/10):

Noon – 4 PM – Zahnrad with the Wind

4:15 PM – 8:15 PM – Petticoat Mafia

10 PM – 3 AM – Open Play

Sunday (10/11):

1 – 5 PM – Open Play

Zahnrad with the Wind has the explorers escorting a group of tishli slaves to freedom out of Zahnrad while being pursued by the secret police and trackers. Petticoat Mafia has explorers faced with a choice: help women who have been disarmed by a rules crazy mayor or arrest them at the request of the town sheriff in the name of law and order. Open Play is just that: time for people to explore their own personal plot lines as defined by their character goals.

Games will be run outside of these times, too, such as Friday and Saturday. We hope you’ll join us!

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