Version 4 by the Numbers

Version 4 of the alpha has just recently come out. Here’s how it looks by the numbers:

  • Pages: 142
  • Faculties: 152
  • Modifications: 162
  • Number of testing sessions before release: 3

By contrast, the page count for version 1 was 60, version 2 was 74, and version 3 had 92. So that’s the largest increase in page counts since the alpha began.

Version 1 started with roughly 100 faculties and we’ve added half again that quantity since. The end goal is 400 faculties, so at the current pace (3 versions = 50 faculties), it’ll be around version 20 when we reach that goal. Going by the time span (3 versions = 1 month), it’ll take half a year. We’ll be working on accelerating that pace as best we can, though we also suspect it may slow down once the initial rush of ideas starts to lessen.

Version 4 was the second most tested before coming out. Version 2 was created after only a single test session. Version 3 was made after being tested at San Japan for 3 days solid, with multiple game sessions, making it the most extensively tested to date. Currently, version 4 has been played twice since release, but even with a few more sessions, it is unlikely to be as well dissected. The next version to be brought to a con (which is likely to be version 6 or 7), will likely top this. The goal is for the three conventions planned in October, as well as an intended major event in November, to provide a wealth of information.

Version 5’s main focus will be filling in gaps and shoring up what’s there, rather than adding as much new content. For example, you can modify range weapons, but not melee or armor. Weapon types will be defined, since right now they’re purely aesthetic. Rough drafts of lore were introduced, so those need to be fleshed out. Basic rules for vehicles are in version 4, so we’ll add ways to modify them as well as faculties related to driving. There have been many new contraption ideas since they were first conceived of that need to be added. And so on.

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