Version History and Nicknames

With the game in alpha, there will be many different versions of it released over time as content is added, revised, and removed. Version 0.04 coming out soon (next week planned), here’s a look into how the game has changed so far.

Version 0.00 – “Rough”

This is where it all began many months ago. This was a massive detailed work, with dozens of rules and systems. Too many, in fact. Frustration mounted when it seemed that there was an endless rabbit hole of new rules needed. A break was taken to work on the lore and world building, to let the frustration lessen and reflect on what was wrong. The break through came with the discovery of Minimal Viable Product. That lead to the scrapping of everything from this version and a rebuild from the ground up. Good ideas from this are still filtered into the newer releases, but slowly and with modifications.

Version 0.01 – “MVP”

The first real incarnation of the game. With as few rules as possible and only a hint of what would be later on. This had version 1 of the character sheet and the initial layout of the book. Interestingly, this version is still similar to the current versions, speaking well of how robust the design was for this. There haven’t been many fundamental changes to the formulas introduced here, mostly additions and tweaks.

Version 0.02 – “San Japan 2015”

After version 0.01 got some playtesting, there were a number of aesthetic and rule fixes made. Concoctions were added with serums and the book became easier to read. This is the version that was taken to San Japan for the big public testing and the version that hooked dozens of folks to the new game.

Version 0.03 – “Con Animals”

In the wake of the immense feedback from San Japan, this version represented a large step forward. Numerous fixes and the game’s first fundamental change since version 0.01: how the action point economy is handled relative to faculties. Numerous new rule additions, as well, including animals, status effects, stealth, teamwork rules, etc. This was more about tightening and expanding the rules than player content.

Version 0.04 – “Biohazard”

The upcoming version. A much more content heavy edition. A brand new science – Evo Control – with the most mods of any maker faculty to date (50). Plus roughly 25 new faculties across the board, bringing the total to nearly 150. Another major addition is a new mechanic thought of at San Japan: combos. These have been added with a small start for later expansion and growth. There’s also rules for called shot locations (since so many wanted to be able to aim for the head or limbs) and finally some material to help those who want to run their own games, including an XP guide and random encounter generators.

The Future

Plans for version 5 (tentatively nicknamed “Toph Enough”) are already taking shape. Lore has been largely absent from these releases, so adding that will be a focus. Resonators are another new maker faculty we’re hoping to introduce soon. The first will be Earth Resonators, allowing for changing and shaping the ground. That way all of the basic types are present and can be expanded to their full roster lists.

Vehicles are being refined and will be implemented similar to animals. There’s been a lot of requests for a minion system – some kind of army building technique explorers can use. Plus, there’s the ideal system, which is one of the major role-play centric mechanics in the game. And we still have materials and weapon types to mix in sometime eventually.

Aes has come a long way in a short period of time. We’re amazed at how quickly things are moving up and can only imagine what the game will look like in a year!

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