San Japan 2015 Action Report

San Japan 2015 was an amazing debut for Aes: Brass Revolution! Over a dozen people played games throughout the weekend with many more taking bookmarks and signing up for more info. The universal consensus is that Aes is a fun, well paced game with numerous options for problem solving and game styles.

Aes was compared very favorably to several other RPG’s (steampunk and non) and in several respects judged better implemented than even some finished products. Aes‘s crafting system, for example, was praised for its intuitive setup and called by one RPG fan, “The best crafting system in an RPG so far.” The use of a single d10 was especially praised for making the percentages easier to calculate as was the “faculties determine nearly everything” backwards character creation. Another great quote from a player: “You should start selling this alpha booklet instead of giving it away for free.” This is huge praise for a game still in a starting state!

The weekend provided a lot of great feedback on the system. It has prompted significant revisions to the use of action points to make several choices even more elegant than they were before. Instead of faculties being used the same way each time, they can be combined with others to create novel uses. This means two characters with the same faculty could be putting it into use in very different scenarios, which really amps the customization and avoids cookie cutter min-maxing.

We also had a chance to commission several pieces of art for the first iconic character of the game: Ji Wang, concoction discoverer! She’ll be one of six pre-made characters (and story figures) we’ll be using to promote the game. Aes is a game that specifically strives to combine the steampunk aesthetic with diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds, so including a main character of Asian descent seemed a natural course of action. The other five are still in development, though the goal will be a group that represents all the key aspects of the game.

To see photos from San Japan, check out the gallery on the Facebook page!

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