Character Sheet v2

One of the key parts of any game is the character sheet. It has to be brief (2 pages, at most) and contain the most vital information for players to consult at a glance. Here’s a break down of how we’re constructing one for Aes.

While the first served mainly as a learning exercise in the use of Photoshop to create such a form, the second iteration is intended to last far longer into the play cycle.

AesCharacterSheetPage01Page 1 is the most complex. The upper left quarter is for character descriptors. Below that, the weapons. Across from the weapons is the armor, close by due to the association. Above that are the vitals: the ideals, derived stats, and the two fluctuating numbers, augs and XP.

In the future, augs and XP will get their own joint box, since it’s likely players will be changing the values there. Augs may also be moved to the back.

The last two spaces are talents (not yet implemented) and faculties. Keeping the faculties to one line each allowed for each compilation of the derived numbers they conveyed. The visual motif of a pentagon to represent levels of talents and faculties may or may not be retained in the future, but seems to have gone over well so far.


Page 2 breathes a bit better. The levels are there on the bottom as a reminder, but it’s likely they’ll be moved to the front. Goals is at the top to help the player cement their character motivation, as well as to supply the Invisible Hand with material they can use. The others are there to allow players to both note what they have and give room for brief descriptions.

Originally, there were fewer lines in the boxes. I increased the number per the advice of the play testers. I may also adjust the dimensions to move material from the front page.

Overall, this design has many elements we can see remaining in place for some time to come. A third iteration will likely be a ways off, when further refinement of the system has occurred.

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